Restore Your Beautiful Smile

Consider immediate dentures in Bangor, ME

Do you find yourself hiding your smile because of broken or damaged teeth? There's no need to be uncomfortable anymore. You can turn to the Twin Pines Extraction & Denture Center team for immediate dentures that will once again have you smiling with confidence.

Book a consultation at our office in Bangor, ME to discuss the benefits of immediate dentures.

Preparing you for dentures

Getting dentures is a multi-step process, but Twin Pines Extraction & Denture Center will make everything simple.

We will prepare your mouth for dentures and facilitate the entire process of denture placement. Some considerations include...

  • Frenectomy, which is the removal of the band of tissue connecting the lip to the gums.
    Why? Patients with low frenum attachments require a frenectomy to avoid pain and discomfort for proper denture fit.
  • Implants to hold dentures in place
  • Bone surgery, which is surgical removal of excess bone growth.
    Why? It's necessary to take down excess growth of bone in order to get a proper fitting denture.
  • Types of Bone Surgery
    Alveoloplasty - surgical removal of a occlusal bone
    Lateral Exostosis - surgical removal of buccal bone
    Why? Some patients have an excess of bone growth hindering proper denture placement and fit we can remove the excess bone to ensure a pain free, comfortable fitting denture.