About Dr. Livingston

I was born in Missouri, but spent most of my early life in southeast Arizona. I proudly served in the U.S. Army with the First Infantry Division from 2003-2008 as a TUAV operator and spent two tours of duty with them in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I then attended Utah State University for my bachelors degree in Biology before being accepted into the dental program at Dalhousie Dental School.

Although I was raised in the desert southwest, I have always found myself drawn to water and forests. Having settled here in central Maine after attending dental school in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I have found exactly what I was looking for and have fallen in love with both Maine and an Orono native. We are now raising four teenagers together and I find myself becoming increasingly rooted in the community. Whether we're spending our weekends snowshoeing the City Forest, skiing Carrabassett Valley, hiking the mountains of Maine, kayaking the Penobscot to the Orono Farmers Market, or grabbing a beer at OBC and a pizza at Pat's we believe in community and look forward to continuing to support local businesses and the citizens of central Maine.